Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mercy Watson Fact and Opinion

Our love for Mercy Watson books continues. We've read all six books now and we're waiting for more! 

Here's a peek at our latest writing activity related to these books. Oh, how I wish I could include a video link...My kids love to act and speak like Eugenia—the grumpy, older sister who often gives her opinions about what pigs should and should not do. It is absolutely hilarious to watch a child raise her fist, stick out her mouth (as if toothless) and say, "In my opinion..." 

You'll have to imagine my kids drama, but here is a look at their writing. On the left side of each page, you'll see facts about real pigs. On the right side of each page, you'll see Eugenia's opinions about pigs.

Fact: Pigs can be white and brown and pink.
Opinion: In my opinion, pigs should not wear necklaces.

Fact: They can be pink with black spots.
Opinion: Pigs do not belong in houses.

Here's the chart we made as a class that helped them along with their independent writing.

If your kiddos also enjoy these books, please leave a post!