Sunday, January 18, 2015

Interactive High-Frequency Books: 100 Pennies a Piece!

Since we're getting ready for the 100th day of school, I'm fixated on all things 100. All of my interactive books are on sale for 100 pennies a piece. 

Just click here to see all twelve books. Prices good until my 100th day of school...Thursday, January 22.

Each book contains:
* Directions for the teacher and student.
* Word/picture cards so students can build the phrases in the book. Use the cards in a small reading group or center.
* Pages for the book.

Here's a picture of my kiddos working on the Frosty's Five Buttons book.

Get out your pennies while these books are a buck!


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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Teaching Word of the Year

I'm a fan of Christine Kane, president and founder of a company called Uplevel You. I'm sharing one of her recent blog posts that contains a pretty cool little tool for finding your word of the year. Only I'm proposing you give it a teacher twist.

After using the ideas to create your personal word of the year, how about spending some time thinking about your classroom? Here are some ways to apply her ideas to your teaching.

If you put your word into action daily, what would be different for your students?

What would be different for you?

In what ways do you already apply this word? 

What keeps you from living out this word in your classroom? Where do you get stalled?

What practices can you put into place to keep this word working?

If you made a craft project with your word, what would it look like? 

How can you display your word in your classroom so that you keep your focus until May?

I believe you can create new outcomes in your classroom just by taking this time to contemplate changes. Set your intention and give it your attention! For more inspiration, watch one of Christine's older posts that has a video.

Let me know if it works for you. Feel free to share your word and reasons in the comments.

Happy New Year!
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