Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Birthday to ME! A present for YOU!

Well, here is little ole me at 25…TWENTY-FIVE…years old.

And here I am today at 45…FORTY-FIVE.
Ha, ha…just kidding. That was on the 100th day of school.

Even though I'm older and wiser, I actually stick with some principles from twenty years ago.

You see, a long time ago in a land far away, I was the editor of the preschool edition of The Mailbox magazine. As the number one teacher magazine, we had high expectations for our freelancers and teacher-editors!

When creating teacher materials today, I ask myself some of the same questions as when I was editor of The Mailbox magazine.

Is this practical?
Will it take more time to make the materials than to use them with children? Do the items cost too much? Are they easy to gather or purchase?

Does this save the teacher time?
Can I provide the teacher with a pattern? a photo or illustration of the activity? If the class needs to brainstorm, can I do some thinking ahead of time for the teacher and give her some examples?

Has it been tested?
If it's a recipe or craft project, do I know it works as described? Will this lesson work in a real classroom with real children? Did I leave out any steps?

Is there "value-added" to the product? 
(This is my favorite one.)
Instead of just providing a graphic organizer, can I add a poem or song or rhyme to a page? Can I suggest a follow-up activity or cute extension?

Is it appealing to children? Is it age-appropriate?
Did I imagine myself teaching this lesson?

Well, I can't take twenty years off my age, but I can take 20% off the products in my stores to celebrate my day. Sale runs all day WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29th. Happy Birthday to ME! Here's a present for YOU!
My birthday is worth a Wednesday Wow, right Curious Firsties?

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up. This was a great post and something that I need to pin and refer back to so that I can continue to ask myself these same questions. Thank you so much!