Thursday, July 17, 2014

Smart Kids Sister Blog: ABCs of Reading

Did you know that Smart Kids has a sister blog? ABCs of Reading is a place to find ideas for integrating the ARTS with BOOKS to teach COMPREHENSION strategies. Sound fun?!  

You and your kiddos can sing into schema, dance into determining importance, act out inferences, make visual art with visualizations, turn questions into poetry and make music with the meaning of synthesis!

This blog is purely lesson products, no advertisements. Just fun, practical ideas that are good for the brain.

For each lesson you'll always find:
* a summary of the book and a link to the book on Amazon

*the focus reading strategy (making connections, visualizing, inferring, asking questions, determining importance, synthesizing)

*the focus arts modality (visual art, music, creative movement, poetry, storytelling, drama)

*the lesson

Here are some books recently featured that are great for early learners. Click the covers to explore the lessons. I hope you'll follow the blog on bloglovin' and Facebook!

synthesizing + creative movement

making connections + drama

questioning + creative movement

questioning + creative movement
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