Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pizza! Pizza! Write All About It! (With Thinking Maps)

Mama Mia! Did you know that October is National Pizza Month?

We started this informational writing lesson with a great "pizza" literature! If you follow the Journeys curriculum, you're already familiar with Pizza at Sally's by Monica Wellington.

We brainstormed pizza toppings and made brace maps.

Next one of our sweet mama mias came to help us make real pizzas.

Next we illustrated flow maps to show the sequence of steps. This drawing helped us organize our thinking for our informational writing.

"I unwrapped the dough. I got a spoon and some sauce. I got some cheese."
"We stretched the dough. We spread the sauce. We sprinkled the cheese."

There was plenty of learning in every slice of this lesson. If you want to see more writing prompts with thinking charts like this one, place your order on TPT here!

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