Thursday, April 9, 2015

Jump Into January: Moving with Action Words and Poetry Writing Frame

*UPDATE: The book with the title Jump into January is uncluded in the Journeys reading series. If you want to purchase the book from the original publisher, Barefoot Books, it is titled Skip Through the Seasons.

Jump into action words, seasons, observing details and poetry writing with this seasonal picture book! (Reminder: If you use Journeys, this book is in unit 3, lesson 11.) Here's a peek inside:

Get started by inviting your kids to talk about how the weather changes. How does the weather change every season? every month?

Make a bridge map that shows the action words and the months.

Get moving by acting out the rhymes.

Study the details in the illustrations. 
Look for the pattern in the text. Use the writing frames provided to write your own poems.

Display the poems or make a class book.

Scare into October,
Come along with me!
The people are bobbing for apples
—what can you see?

Slip into February,
Come along with me!
The hill is glazed with falling snow
—what can you see?

Get the writing frame here.

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  1. I love this! We are going to do this. Thank you for the resource and great idea.