Saturday, August 31, 2013

Stages of Beginning Writers and "L" FREEBIE

At my school, the first few weeks are filled with state and local assessments. Whew! I'm glad those are done. While they are super time consuming, I admit they are valuable. I've learned that my kids are low on phonemic awareness and may need more work with letter names and sounds than last year's group. My school uses Saxon Phonics and the first letter is Ll. This week we worked on the first page in our Animals A to Z books. Take a look at the different levels of my writers:

Writer who hears initial sounds...
My song is about my teachers.

Writer who hears initial and ending sounds...
My song is about giraffes.

Writer who hears the vowels and is starting to use some sight words and conventional spelling.
My song is about the jungle. (What is in the jungle?) He likes the trees and the sky.
I love the challenge of coaching kids with their writing every day!

By the way, if you are interested in these prompts, you can get them in page or booklet form.

Here is the L page to get you started.

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