Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Winners!

Whew! I survived the first work week and Open House! I met my new kinders and hugged many of my former students. I do not not have one picture to show for it! You'll just have to believe me for now. After a bubble bath tonight and sleeping late tomorrow, I'm off to school tomorrow (Saturday) to get ready to start the new year on Monday. 
Because this is my twelfth year returning to teach in an elementary school, I'm giving away twelve of these alphabet units.

The winners are...
Lori Kimble Alford
Corrie Weaver
Stacy Biggs
Dawn Megahan
Erin VonderMuhll
Renee Peoples
Roxanne Clinton
Leonard Bradley
Debbie Todey

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1 comment:

  1. I went to TPT and Teachers Notebook and could not find "Thinking About the Alphabet". Is it no longer available....if so, how can I get a copy of it and where can I get the alphabet cards and pics that go with it. Thanking you in advance for help in this matter.