Monday, July 29, 2013

Hi-ho, Hi-ho...It's Back to School I Go! GIVEAWAY

It's officially over. This morning I got out of bed..and went to work. Goodbye summer. I love ya! But you know what would make me feel better? I'll feel better if I come home and check my blog to see that while YOU were still on the sofa eating bon bons, you signed up for my free back-to-school gift. Because this is my twelfth year returning to teach in an elementary school, I'm giving away twelve of these alphabet units.

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Now enter to win. I'll announce the winner Friday night when I end my first week back!

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  1. Oh this looks perfect! I teach Kindergarten and we go back with kids Aug. 26!

    1. Do you teach in Gaston county, NC? I grew up in Shelby...extended family leaves in Charlotte. :)

  2. Hey, yes I do. I live in Cherryville and Shelby is about 15 minutes away....Charlotte is about 45 minutes away. Small world, huh?