Saturday, November 23, 2013

ESGI...Save $40, Save 400 hours!

Friends, you are so going to love me when I give you this news. Sign up with ESGI right now and you'll save $40 on the price. Really you'll also be saving yourself 400 hours worth of your precious time. I am so not kidding! After using ESGI for two school years, here is what I can promise you:

It's EASY.
You'll find tests that have been made. You can make your own tests to match your standards. Here is a look at the test management area.

Here is a look at one of the tests. Students talk, I click. We're done. Next!

Principals love this stuff. All you have to do is tell your principal, "It analyzes data. It will drive my instruction. I can print reports for parents." SOLD! She will hug you and sign the check. Not to mention you will get points on your teacher evaluation!

We all want to help parents help their children. Here is a look at the parent letter. You can even print flash cards in a flash.

Click now, hug me later! 
(Be sure to use promo code B6336 to get your discount!)

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  1. I've been using ESGI and love it as well! You have a great screenshot with the apples for counting. I can't figure out how to make a similar test! I figured out how to add text, but not my own images! Can you help me?
    Thank you!
    Elizabeth Goold (@elizabethGoold)

    1. Hi! Go to the HELP button at the top. Then choose the help topic "creating a test." This section will show you how to add images. Also there is a video. Email me if you are still having trouble!

  2. Elizabeth - There are also hundreds of images within the ESGI system, so no need to upload your own. Please feel free to email for assistance. They'll get you fixed up in NO time! Good luck!

  3. Thanks Jayne! You are correct in your reply, and I just want to point out that there are hundreds of images within the ESGI system, so no need to upload your own. Email for additional support. Good luck!