Saturday, February 1, 2014

Math Problem Freebie and A Super TN Sale

"Why, oh my stars!" (Imagine small southern gal with hand over heart.) "Down here in lil' ole Georgia, we only had to work two days this week. What is a poor teacher to do?"
I'm sure you've heard about the snow disaster down here. Fortunately I live an hour south of Atlanta. I am not one of the AMAZING teachers that stayed in a school overnight with her students. I did pack a whole of lot learning into two days, so here is my Five For "Monday and Friday" post.
Winter Clothes Tree Map
1. Thanks to the snow, this makes a whole lot more sense to my kids! Now we can make some text-to-self connections.

2. Since there was a bit of snow still on the ground, I threw in a quick science experiment. I keep a diffuser in my room (you know I love those doTerra essential oils) and we often watch the steam that comes out. Now we've also watched the snow melt in our room. We revisited the word hypothesis, predicted how long it would take the snow to melt, and measured how much liquid would be in the cup.

"It is going to melt to one. Maybe take minutes or an hour. I was right. It melted. There was more snow than water."

3. I can't take credit for this…After some discussion about the sun and the seasons, one of my smart kids came back with a little project. I love it when kids take off with their own learning. I just had to put it on display.
4. Our math problem was about snowballs and works on addition within five. Here's what our class chart and student work looks like.

Here's another example of our math problems.

You can catch your free copy here:
5. Don't forget the Super Sale on Teachers Notebook today and tomorrow!
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