Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hands On Rocks, Dirt and Measurement

The ideas I'm sharing this week are NO PRINT and NO PREP. It's the really good stuff we do with kinders, right? In my class, we are continuing our units on rocks and dirt along with our math focus in measurement. Two great topics for getting down and getting dirty with learning!
First, I went out to the storage trailers and pulled out boxes of Cuisenaire rods and more building blocks for free play.

Next I got out the wallpaper feet. OK, technically these aren't no prep…but since I cut these out TWENTY-THREE years ago when I first taught Kindergarten, I'm counting this as no prep. CLASSIC.

Every child brought a stuffed toy for measurement exploration. We measured length/height, but we decided it probably wasn't a good idea to explore capacity. I mean who wants to unstuff a stuffed animal!?

For our science focus, we went to the nature trail to start our rock collections. More next week on the measuring and weighing.

That one didn't make the cut.

Changing the subject…How about that TPT sale?! Here's a look at some of my purchases. I can't wait to use these in some new teaching materials. They are all from Creative Clips.

If you are a nosey-rosey and want to see what some of our friends bought, visit Blog Hoppin'.
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  1. I'm so jealous that you have a nature trail where you can take your kiddos! Our school yard is on old farmland so we're surrounded by grass and more grass. Your class looks like such a fun place to be!


    1. That nature trail is a great place for "extended" recess! Ha. Thanks for visiting, JG

  2. Jayne, I love your measurement activities! I am starting that in a few weeks and will for sure be adding your activities to the mix!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Elyse :)
    Proud to be Primary

    1. Thanks, friend! They were so excited to bring those toys to school. Smiles, JG

  3. Hi Jayne!
    Your blog is so cute! No prep, hands-on activities are definitely the way to go with our youngest learners. I agree! I love that they journaled about their stuffed animals after they measured them. Smart idea. :)

    Play to Learn Preschool