Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Cleaning and the STANK from the Boys' Bathroom

Yes. I'm posting about the smell coming from boys' bathroom. …cause if you are a Kindergarten teacher anywhere, you know that there is going to be a smell in the boys' bathroom. God bless their sweet little hearts (and other parts). You can preach and you can talk. The "miss" happens. I've found something that is saving our room from the smell that sneaks in from that small space. I try to avoid the chemical sprays that can be harmful and aggravating to my kiddos…especially my babes with asthma. Here it is: My $30 diffuser from amazon and PURIFY essential oil. (Click the pic to learn more about it.) I just put in a few drops into the water and turn the bad boy on. It puts a mist of lemon, lime and pine into my room all day. OK kiddos. You can the clothespins off your noses now.

Now on to more clean spring cleaning. The nasty fish tank. Poor guys. (I think they are guys because they also wee wee in their surroundings.)

The closets in my house where I store teaching stuff. Am I candidate for that hoarding show?

And my TPT wish list! See where it says, "Your cart is empty." ?? Not for long! I'm cleaning it out this weekend while hundreds of TPT sellers are having a sale.

If you want a quick link to the stores with sales, go to Georgia Grown Kiddos.

What are your spring cleaning projects?

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  1. This is great! I totally need to check into this diffuser because my room is directly across from the boys bathroom. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're so FUNNY!!!
    I've never seen a blog post on the stinky boys' bathroom before!!! LOL!
    I saw on Pinterest once a sign that someone posted about how many "points" you get if you don't "miss." But of course, that was about paper towels hitting the trashcan instead of the floor. I think a wee wee sign might help. What do you think?

    Heidi Butkus