Wednesday, May 21, 2014

"See Ya Later, Alligator!" Ideas

Oh, SNAP! 
It's the last week of school. We've had a "gator-rrific" year, but it's time to say, "After a while, crocodile!" Take a look at a few things we are doing this week...

Alligator Directed Drawing
 We watched this video and practiced on our whiteboards. Then we drew with pencils. We traced the gators and colored them. With some paper and glue, we added the finishing touches. 

Sometimes people wonder about my "table-less" and "desk-less" room. I do have tables, but my room is so small I only have a few. We like to just spread out on the floor. That's the way we roll. The music in the background is from "Frog Trouble" by Sandra Boynton.

Click to go to the Frog Trouble site! Listen to the songs!

"The Alligator Stroll"
Your last week won't be complete without the alligator stroll. Here is another song from Sandra Boynton's book starring Josh Turner.


Memory Books
Take a peek inside our memory books in progress.


If you want more info about how we make the books, look here or click to go to TPT.

"See You Later, Alligator" Good-bye Song
This song is sweet and easy to sing. Perfect for gator goodbyes. No crocodile tears, please!


More Ideas on Pinterest
For more end-of-the-year ideas, check out my board on Pinterest.

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