Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Back to School! My Room and Blog Hop

All systems are go for lift off! The Gammons Galaxy is ready for first graders. Here's a photo peek into my room and a video tour.

After your walk through, be sure to read on for the scoop on a Back-to-School blog hop!

And now information on the Back-to-School hop and prizes. Droppin' Knowledge is our host for this hop featuring at least 40 bloggers and prizes. 

My prize is Bloom's Taxonomy for Little Thinkers. In this pack, you'll get 50 photos and writing prompts. Each prompt is tagged to indicate the level of thinking it encourages—beginning with remembering and going all the way to creating.You can display the pictures and prompts on a screen for discussion for you can print them for writing prompts.

Be sure to enter this rafflecopter giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Find all of the posts and prizes in this link up.

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  1. My favorite BTS tips are to plan for more than I think I'll need, and to model, model, and model again.

  2. Make a quick call to each student/family the afternoon before school begins. Even when just leaving a greeting message on answering machines, families are so appreciative of the personal contact. Let children hear your voice, tell them 1 fun thing they will do first day, and give 1 tip like bring your best smile tomorrow.

  3. Go in early and get your classroom organized so that when meetings roll around next week, you are not stressed.

  4. Love the classroom it is so simple and cute.

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