Thursday, December 26, 2013

Santa had BOOKS in his bag!

That jolly old elf brought me just what I wanted for Christmas…new books! Santa (AKA my sweet husband) loves books as well. (He's a publisher.) He watches out for books all year long that he thinks I can use in my classroom. Here's what he delivered this year. 

Here's the awesome trailer for the book:


And an intriguing trailer…
I know there's an art activity waiting for us in this book...

Not sure where we are going with this one, but I'll follow the bee...

And last but not least…another Sandra Boynton book! I found that these songs were awesome for poetry time when I taught  in the upper grades. 

You can check out some videos for these songs at the Sandra Boynton web site HERE. This one will make you want to dance along.

I can't wait to use these books and post integrated-arts ideas for them on my other blog, ABCs of Reading. If you've read any of these titles to your kiddos, be sure to leave a comment.

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