Sunday, December 8, 2013

Santa's Sleigh Roller Coaster Ride…Wheeee!

Buckle your seat belts….You are going to LOVE this video I found on YouTube. I've been working on my new unit— Santa's Sleigh: A Science Unit on Force and Motion. I wanted to explain that riding Santa's sleigh would be much like riding a roller coaster. Even if you don't have time to teach the whole unit, you have GOT to put those classroom chairs in a group like a roller coaster. Put this video on and watch your riders lean left and right. I'm telling you…I almost got dizzy. After about one minute, the ride begins and lasts for about three minutes.

I'll be back on Friday with pictures of my own kiddos. Until then, here is the link to the unit. It is based on the disciplinary ideas of the Next Generation Science Standards: K-PS2 Motion and Stability.

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