Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa's Sleigh: Force and Motion Unit, Part 1

I visited Santa’s top secret reindeer-training facility and discovered the secrets of Santa’s sleigh. It’s not all magic...some of Santa’s sleigh driving know-how is based on science. Remember my new unit?
Here are some pics from our activities last week.
The weather was beautiful, so we took our sleighs out to the slide. You'll see one kid at the top giving a sleigh a push to get the sleigh moving and another at the bottom to stop it.

We also talked about different paths of motion and did some creative writing.
"Santa's sleigh moved fast because the reindeer was late because Santa did not wake up."

"Santa's sleigh moved slowly because the presents were too heavy for the reindeer."

"Santa's sleigh moved straight because it was almost morning."

"Santa's sleigh moved zig zag because the front reindeer pooted."

And what a surprise…some of Santa's science words showed up in our stories.

But the BEST part of last week was the Santa's Sleigh roller coaster ride. (The link is in the previous post.) You just can't help but smile when you watch.

Time is slip-sliding away and we only have five days before vacation. We'd better get moving on the rest of our unit!
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