Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bright Ideas: Teacher's Life Video

Do your students seem shocked to see you at the grocery store? Have you ever been asked where you sleep when you are at school at night? If you teach kinders, you know that sometimes the children are surprised to find out that you don't live at school! (Even though some weeks you feel like you really do!) 

Whether you teach younger or older kids, all students want to know more about their teacher's lives. After all, they love you and think you are a superstar, right? Why not make a quick video about your life after school?
See one of my doggies waiting for me by the door?

They might be surprised you go the gym. ("My mommy does that, too!) Or they might be interested to find out you have five dogs at your house. (That would be yours truly.) And don't worry about cleaning up...they are more interested in the 4 boxes of ice cream in your freezer than the dust bunnies on your floor! 
Introducing Harper Lee, one of my rescue dogs.
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  1. OMG I love this. How fun would it be for us to all share these!

    Jennifer from Simply Kinder