Friday, August 15, 2014

Pete the Cat...It's All Good

It looks like Pete the Cat threw up all over my room. Yes, the picture is blurry...I think I was getting dizzy at this point. Just kidding. As Pete would say, "It's all good." 

We set out to complete our first art project with our 25 kinders today. It took all three of us (me, my parapro and the student teacher) to get the job done. And in case you didn't know, the reason you have a parapro, is because SHE gets to help unnamed student trace and cut a tail FOUR times. Ah, the patience, the commitment, the dedication of that sweet gal!

The first goal was to work on tracing patterns, cutting on the lines and following directions. Then we let go and let the children cut their own eyes, whiskers, legs, noses and shoe laces. The variety of skill levels created some cats that are simply PRECIOUS.

This week we used another chart I've had for years. (You know I love my old school stuff.) I'm sure you won't be surprised who stole the cookies. It's all good, though. Pete sent some cookies that really delivered on great math counting and conversation about whole and halves. 

Pete also helped us do some sorting and graphing this week. Here's a look at our favorite shoe colors.

Yep. Those are my feet. I get my teaching groove on when I'm shoeless.

Just in case you didn't know, there are some groovy downloads at the Pete the Cat HarperCollins site.

The beginning of our year has been just "purr-fect" thanks to Pete. What Pete activities do you use in your room?
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  1. My second graders LOVE to partner read Pete the Cat to each other, as well as choral read as a group! Our favorite story last year was "The Magic Sunglasses!" Such an upbeat message! I have to run out and get the newest book before school starts! I just love all the different "personalities" each Pete shown above has! Too much fun!

    I wrote about "Who Ate The Cookies in the Cookie Jar!" on my blog today too! Imagine that! Check out the really cool pop-up book I use to introduce the circle game!

  2. These Pete activities look so fun, Jayne! Thanks for sharing them! We start school next week... I need to get my head back to planning - definitely will be doing Pete!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. We made Pete the Cat paper bag puppets this week and also some pictures similar to yours with Pete made out of geometric shapes. I love the sorting ideas!