Saturday, August 2, 2014

Put Down The Marker! Seven Instant Name Tags from ESGI

So you got your class list and you are getting ready to label EVERYTHING in your classroom...
Put down that marker, sister! ESGI gives you SEVEN different types of labels and name cards PLUS instant lists. All you'll have to do is click print.

I hope for your sake (and your friends' and family's sake) you are already using ESGI to keep up with all that assessment data. Did you know that you can print labels and lists as well?

Just click on CLASS MANAGEMENT TOOL on your home page. Add your new class.


 If you head over to the right side you'll see your options.
I'm going to use these labels when we make graphs. If they are printed and cut, the kids can quickly add their names to charts.
Also, at the beginning of the year I have all the children sign in by tracing their names. I'll print these out and my sign-in sheets are ready!


Our cafeteria manager and librarian always request cards for the payment and check-out barcodes. Printed and ready!

 These will be nice for student response charts during literacy time. The kiddos can draw a happy or sad face, add a picture, add a word...whatever. Then they can put their responses on a reading chart.

 Going on a field trip? Name tags are ready!

These are desk tags. I'm actually going to print these on card stock and put them in the writing journals. (We don't have desks in my room.)
 Our parents fill out plenty of paperwork and permission slips at the beginning of the year. I'm ready to track it and turn in my report to the office.

Here's my last tip. I downloaded all of my options and put them in one folder. Now I can see at a glance which labels I need.

 How can YOU get started making labels, name tags and lists for you classroom?! Just SIGN UP for your FREE 60 DAY TRIAL with ESGI. If you use promo code B6336, you'll save $40 on the license price when you decide to take advantage of all that ESGI has to offer.

If you can think of more uses for these name templates, leave a comment!

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  1. Great article, Jayne! Glad to see that CMT is helpful for you! Thanks from the entire ESGI team!