Saturday, August 30, 2014

Extreme Classroom Makeovers...Three Rooms!

Seriously? Some of you lovely ladies are just now going to back to school?! For me that was soooo yesterday. Soooo last month. Yep, my room already has scratch marks, carpet stains and a broken lamp. But here is how it looked waaaay back in July. Can't you just smell the fresh wax and the dry-erase board cleaner?

Here it is after the room fairy came...yeah, right.

My room is a fairly small space for 25 kids. The year I had 28 I took out as much furniture as possible. Where do the kids sit? More on that in another post.

This here is Tex. He's outgrown his habitat, you might say.

Ready for open house night! Yes. That does say July 31. (The good news is we get a one week break every nine weeks.)

Homey autographed copy of an Eric Carle book along with art and gifts from former students. I even have a book of mine from Kindergarten. That might be an antique!

The walls look bare now, but they are waiting for anchor charts and thinking maps.

This is how I organize some of my guided reading group materials.

My diffuser for my DoTerra essential oils is one of my favorite things in my room!

I think my room looks clean, organized and inviting. But if you want to win some contests you have to go down the hall. Two of our first-grade teachers had their rooms ready before the rest of us tip-toed back in for the first time. Please meet a wonderful first-grade teacher Laurie Bradshaw!

We love Laurie, but we also love her husband because he put all of our Ikea lights up in our rooms! 


This is my favorite part of Laurie's room. You see, the teacher who was in this room before her (yours truly) took the doors off the cabinets. I mean WHO does that?! She has cleverly covered the holes.

Next door is first-grade teacher Kyrsten Haynes.

How about those cutie chair covers that Kyrsten sewed over the summer? And did she paint chalkboard paint on the cabinet doors? Oh, yes she did.

I hope you've been inspired by a peek into these rooms. If you're ever in Macon, Georgia, come on in!

For more extreme classroom makeovers, be sure to visit The Primary Gal to see the linky.

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  1. These teachers know that aesthetics play an important part in learning! Even more importantly, they know about relationship building and teaching and learning! CRH

  2. Loving it all!! Questions: who created the chevron alphabet, the jobs chart and the look/listen/think...?

    1. Hey! Kyrsten says this is the link to the jobs chart in her room:
      Laurie says the alphabet came from Cara Carroll. She is going to find out about the look/listen item on Tuesday when she gets back to school. Hope that helps! Smiles, JG