Thursday, October 17, 2013

And the grand prize winner is....

So who wins? Well, I think I came out a winner....Because of our fabulous fall blog hop, I found 2 Georgia bloggers and made friends with 10 great gals. Thanks to the bloggers that participated! Love Those Kinders, Miss Bunny's Hoppenings, Simply Kinder, Fun with Firsties, First Grade Friendly Froggies, Young and Lively Kindergarten, ...and they all fall down, Pocketful of Centers, Fantastic First Grade Froggies, and Curls and a Smile.

I think you came out a winner...if you grabbed all the great freebies, you've got some great stuff. (You know it's not too late to start hopping through the blogs.) We hope your students win as well with all of the great learning materials. 

Now for the GRAND PRIZE winner....
Cindy M, you know who you are. We know how to find you and you'll be getting prizes very soon. Congratulations!

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