Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sick Day = Pinterest Professional Development Day

So I woke up this morning with vertigo...I'm pretty sure this condition is somehow related to teaching my precious kinders.    
After the room stopped moving, and other details which I will not describe at this time, I turned to Pinterest. I'm convinced my sick hours should be counted as professional development time. 
I found some great stuff. If you are into arts integration, or artsy-fartsy stuff, or just arts and crafts for your kiddos, check out these boards:

I also went on a pinning spree for some of my pinning pals.

Here's another one of my favorite collaborative boards:

And last, but not least, boards for my own blogs:

I hope you don't have any sick days soon. But check out my great finds as soon as you have some time to relax!

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