Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Superhero Teacher" LINKY and FREE Superhero Posters

You are invited to join my SUPERHERO LINKY! Just download the images and add your own photo and name. (There are 7 different superheroes to choose from...even a boy for my male teacher friends.) Post your superhero profile on your blog so your readers can get to know more about your secret identity. Make it exciting by sharing some secrets! Then link up below with an image of your superhero ID card.

If you're not a blogger, you can download the images and create SHOUT-OUT POSTERS for your favorite teacher peeps. Everyone likes to be celebrated—so print one to post on a colleague's door! 

Go get yours HERE.

Here's my reveal...
Real Name: Jayne Morris Gammons
Known To My Teacher Friends As: Jaynie Mae or Gamdog Gammons
In A Previous Lifetime: Editor of The Mailbox magazine
Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction: Own 5 dogs rescued from animal groups
Proud Moment: Mom to a seventh grader...eek!
Can't Live Without: Coffee
Alternate Career Route: Broadway Diva or Olympic Ice Skater
Link HERE!

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  1. Is there anyway to get the document so that I can type a name into it like you did? Thanks :)